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New Video: How To Buy Hunting Land For Sale In Wisconsin

One of our sponsors recently produced this new video detailing how to buy hunting land for sale in Wisconsin. It shows a neat little trick hunting land buyers can use when searching MLS real estate listings in WI.

Hunting Land For Sale In Wisconsin is something lots of people are interested in buying because public land hunting in the badger state is becoming over crowded. Especially during the states 9 day traditional gun deer season. Hunting on public property can get down right scary.

buy-wisconsin-land-for-saleIn 2015 the DNR has changed the tagging system in an effort to remedy the overcrowded public land hunting situations. Time will tell if the new system actually works. The word on the street is that hunters are annoyed by it, as it requires specific doe tags for specific plots of public hunting land.

The good news though is that the Wisconsin DNR is rolling out phone registration for deer harvest. This is something that other states have been doing for quite some time. No more having to drive your trophy buck to the nearest gas station or business with registration station credentials. Now hunters will be able to simply call in the tag information and register the deer on the phone quickly and easily.

While some say this could lead to more illegally taken deer each hunting season, it’s probably not going to be an issue.  In fact one theory is since registering a deer on the phone is so easy, more hunters will actually register theri harvest since they no longer have to drive across town to get it done.