Emerald Ash Borers Attack Madison

These little winged vermin are really making a mess out of the city streets.  I was down on the east side of Madison a week ago.  We were at a friends house prepping for the Badgers football game at Camp Randall.  Looking around I noticed many ash trees looking sad and leafless.  Dead for the most part.

And to make matters even worse several of the trees that were alive and health were marked for death with the evil yellow spray painted dot on them.  So sad.  What a miserable little bug the emerald ash borer is.  And in WI so many of the trees are ash trees.  In cities, out in the country, suburbs, pretty much everywhere.

From what I understand there is a treatment but it basically consists of pumping the tree full of toxins in order to ward off the boring insects.  Hardly a “green friendly” alternative.