Somebody Pinch Me

First we spend $125,000 on the deer czar, whose advice has resulted in one of the poorest deer hunting seasons in several years.  Then we invite a mining company to open up shop up north where they can pump toxins and filth into the environment (it’s going to create jobs though – that’s all that matters).  But we don’t just say “Hey mining company, come to WI and pollute our environment please!”  In addition we pay $260,000 in expenses out of pocket.

How should we pay back that $260,000 we shelled out so a mining company could pump filth into our environment?  I know!  Let’s take it out of hunting/fishing license funds set aside to help protect the environment.  It’s like kicking the Wisconsin environment in the plums…twice!  I want to know more

Emerald Ash Borers Attack Madison

These little winged vermin are really making a mess out of the city streets.  I was down on the east side of Madison a week ago.  We were at a friends house prepping for the Badgers football game at Camp Randall.  Looking around I noticed many ash trees looking sad and leafless.  Dead for the most part.

And to make matters even worse several of the trees that were alive and health were marked for death with the evil yellow spray painted dot on them.  So sad.  What a miserable little bug the emerald ash borer is.  And in WI so many of the trees are ash trees.  In cities, out in the country, suburbs, pretty much everywhere.

From what I understand there is a treatment but it basically consists of pumping the tree full of toxins in order to ward off the boring insects.  Hardly a “green friendly” alternative.

The Capitols Are In The House

The Madison Chamber website calendar posted some info on the new Madison Capitols USHL hockey team facing off for the first time this October at the Alliant Energy Center.  Way cool!

Folks looking for some excellent hockey action should check out this new team for some fun on ice.  The Capitols have several games throughout the fall and winter, hosting teams from Chicago, Green Bay, Sioux Falls and others throughout the midwest.

This is great news for central wisconsin sports fans who have been starved of hockey action when the U.W. Badgers aren’t on the ice.  The USHL league is noted for it’s elevated level of play with several players key possibilities for upcoming NHL drafts.

Commercial Lending Rates Still Low

The news from several Madison area SBA lenders is that the positive lending environment is continuing into the fall.  Business loans for commercial real estate continues to see low interest rates for qualified buyers.  Rates on re-models and additions and office space expansions also appear to be staying low.  This is great news for the businesses in the state wanting to expand and create a larger work area for their employees to operate in.

Rates for financing business equipment and fleet vehicles are also low.  Companies wanting to purchase additional equipment for the office, or are in need of newer or upgraded vehicles can take advantage of low rates and lenient repayment programs from a wide selection of commercial loan lenders.

As always with any type of SBA loans it’s always a good idea to shop around and look for the best rate.  Also try to have all your financials and paperwork together so the lending process will go more smoothly. It’s always a benefit to be organized and make a good impression when applying for a WI loan of any type.

The Race Is On!

Any Badger fan with a TV or radio is no doubt being flogged with Scott Walker and Mary Burk advertisements as of late.  Polls are showing it’s neck and neck right now in mid-October, but we all know how quickly that can change.

The TV ads started fairly tame but have quickly slid into the proverbial toilet as the mud slinging begins to take shape.  Burk is ripping Walkers job creation claims while Walker fires back accusations of Burk being a copy cat idea robber when it comes to things like job creation proposals for the state.

Who’s going to go to the podium this time around?  It’s tough to tell, but one thing is for sure: Millions in tax dollars are bound to be torched as the ads keep coming and coming down the pipe.